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Meet Me in Midgar

A FFVII Fan Fiction

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Synopsis: A Final Fantasy VII fan fiction that starts just as Sephiroth is about to kill Aeris. She is somehow saved and the mysterious girl who saved her has even more secrets than she's willing to tell.

I know its a pretty cliche start but i promise it's worth the read!

this is basically a fan fiction written by me, but i'm always welcome to comments and ideas! if you are a good writer and would like to add chapters to the story, that'd be great, too.

just contact me at:
AIM: insertloveinvoid
Email: MatsieScruff AT hotmailDOTcom
LJ: http://www.livejournal.com/users/cornyrealism/

Table of Contents
Character Guide Dec 15, 2004
City Guide Feb 3, 2005
Chapter 1- Who are you? Dec 12, 2004
Chapter 2- She'll be back Dec 14, 2004
Chapter 3- Bone Village Jan 4, 2005
Chapter 4- Another confrontation Jan 6, 2005
Chapter 5- Quiet riot Jan 8, 2005
Chapter 6- She came back Jan 17, 2005
Chapter 7- Cuppa tea, cuppa tea Jan 18, 2005
Chapter 8- Guilty Jan 19, 2005
Chapter 9- Another quick departure Jan 20, 2005
Chapter 10- Alone Jan 26, 2005
Chapter 11- Alright, that's the cut off! Jan 27, 2005
Chapter 12- Prelude to an end Feb 6, 2005
Chapter 13- Dreamscape Feb 7, 2005

all images can be found at All World Final Fantasy.